exhibition -w66利来

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acting as the center of wu region (12 century – 473 bc), suzhou has been shining like a resplendent pearl inlaid into the vast land on the south bank of yangtze river. 10,000 years ago, human footprints in sanshan island (50 kilometers from suzhou) kicked off local history of mankind. 2,500 years ago, establishment as capital of wu state (514 bc) set off in the pursuit of urban civilization of suzhou.
as the first group of china historical and cultural city, thanks to glorious land and clear water as well as gathering of talents, suzhou has always been eulogized as “a land flowing with milk and honey”, “a city full of cultural relics” and “paradise on earth” besides yellow sea and east china sea gazing from east in the distance, suzhou seems to wear a garment consisting of different waters such as taihu lake like the upper part, yangtze river as a belt and small rivers and marshes scattering here and there like ornaments. those waters together with fertile land and fine grain seedling endowed wonderful landscape and abundant output of fish and rich to suzhou, where our ancestors were born and grew up. it is they who created long-standing & splendid historical culture and special & gorgeous local customs and practices.
cultural relics are testimony of history. enjoying cultural relics unearthed in suzhou one after another, you may hold in high regard their incomparable exquisiteness; observing cultural relics unearthed in suzhou one group after another, you may hold in high esteem their god-sent style and harmony; watching cultural relics unearthed in suzhou one series after another, you may hold in high admiration their floridity and grace. strolling in the long corridor of suzhou history and art, you must linger on and reverie about exuberant vitality of oriental culture…

this is suzhou with its long-standing and well established history as well as glorious and splendid culture. consequently, suzhou is regarded as quintessence and representation as well as pride and dignity of wu region.