collection -w66利来

    date:2018-01-31 browsing times:31384

    length25.6cm width11.3cm height10.9cm

    the lion is laying with hollow body and a younger one stays on his back.

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    length9.8cm width15.5cm height8.9cm

    this cup is engraved with fret patters and decorated with glutton design on the belly and a tiger-shaped handle.

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    height14.8cm caliber7cm lower-caliber6.8cm

    this holder has inscriptions and it is decorated with lady, mountain and flower design.

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    qian long’s reign, qing dynasty

    mouth diameter 10.3 cm

    height 5.3 cm

    the bowl was decorated with lacquer carvings in shapes of melon,fruit, flower and grass. the insider and the bottom are gilded.

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    the holder is designed in the shape of a natural bamboo root.rockeries are carved around the body, while rocks, chrysanthemum,pine.bushes and grass are carved in relief on the lower portions.two human figures may be seen, one sitting alone at one end of theboat with fishing pole and bait in hand and the other bending downin shallow water attending to the fishing net.